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Fire Hazard Reduction

California sage and overgrowth.

The Hazard Reduction Program seeks to proactively reduce or remove fuel to minimize damage to life, property, and the environment should a fire occur.

The hazard reduction program is administered twice a year, beginning with weed abatement in the Spring and tumbleweed enforcement in the Fall. The Moreno Valley Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for enforcing the City’s Municipal Code and Fire Code on open space vacant land.

Reporting a Violation

To report a violation, please call the Hazard Reduction Hotline 951.413.3381.

Who is Responsible for Hazard Reduction?

You are! As a property owner, you are legally responsible for reducing fire hazards on your property.

It is your responsibility to maintain your property in good condition at all times. Failure to comply with the Municipal Code may result in a city ordered abatement of your property, where fees may be assessed in the form of a special lien.

Lot clearing requirements are based on size and fall into four categories:

  • Property less than five acres in size
  • Property over five acres in size
  • Hillside residential property
  • Agricultural property