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Annual Inspection Program

MV Fire Department inspection

The Moreno Valley Fire Department is authorized to inspect all Moreno Valley businesses for fire safety.

The Fire Department's mission is to ensure the business community has a reasonable degree of fire safety at all times. We appreciate your help and cooperation in being part of our program.



If you have any questions about inspection requirements and scheduling, please call Fire Prevention at 951.413.3370.

Preparing for Your Inspection

Here are some resources to help you prepare for your inspection:

Note: For items that require a permit, please check the developer guides.

What to Expect

Your business may be inspected by either a Fire Inspector from Fire Prevention or by a Fire Engine Company.

If fire code violations are found, an inspector will issue a written Fire & Life Safety Inspection Notice and schedule a re-inspection to confirm that the violations have been corrected.

Most violations must be corrected within 10-15 days.

Identifying Fire Inspectors

Moreno Valley Fire Inspectors and Firefighters can be identified by the uniforms that they wear and the vehicles they drive:

  • Fire Inspectors – wear a uniform with a badge and a shoulder patch that says “Moreno Valley Fire” or "Riverside County Fire." Their vehicles have the City of Moreno Valley seal on the door.
  • Firefighters – wear uniform with a badge and a shoulder patch that says “CAL FIRE” and will arrive at your business either in a fire engine or a fire truck. 
  • We do NOT use a private company to inspect businesses and we do not repair, perform maintenance or replace equipment.

Getting Your Fire Protection Equipment Serviced

If you need your fire protection equipment serviced (fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler system, cooking hood system, fire alarm, etc.) you should make sure that you are using a reputable fire protection service company.

The City of Moreno Valley does not recommend or endorse any fire protection service providers. To help in identifying a qualified fire protection service company:

Before work begins:

  • Do a background check on the fire inspection company.
  • Ask what the service will include and how much it will cost before the inspection starts.
  • Get a written agreement before the service starts.

When the work is done:

  • Request the service leave any defective parts that were replaced or changed.
  • Request a signed invoice.

Special considerations: