The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to serve as the City’s Chief Administrative Officer. The City Manager is responsible for the efficient management of all City business.

Mission Statement

The City Manager’s Office is committed to providing and coordinating excellent staff support and sound policy recommendations to the City Council, leading the organization in an effective, efficient, and principled manner, and providing organizational support and direction to the departments.

About the Department

This department has a City Manager, an Assistant City Manager and an executive assistant. Functions of this office include coordination of the implementation of City Council policies and programs; providing overall direction to the departments that administer City programs and services; coordinating intergovernmental relations and legislative advocacy; and administration of the City's Technology Services Division, media relations, public information and intergovernmental relations and public safety contract administrator .

Legislative Advocacy

Since 1995, the Moreno Valley City Council has adopted a Council Goal of Advocacy, which directs the development of cooperative intergovernmental relationships and forceful advocacy of City policies, objectives, and goals to appropriate external governments, agencies and corporations. Each two-year legislative session, the City Council determines advocacy priorities and adopts a Legislative Platform.

This Legislative Platform provides City officials, staff, and legislative advocates with general “Support” or “Oppose” direction regarding the most important topics and issues to pursue. Once adopted, the Legislative Platform eliminates the need for the City Council to review and take a position on each and every proposed bill. This enables City staff to respond quickly to the fast-paced state and federal legislative process. The statements expressed in the Legislative Platform are general so that they can be applied to the many forms that legislative issues may take.

City Manager's Report

The City Manager’s Annual Report provides departmental metrics and highlights that demonstrate the scope of City efforts each year.

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