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The Office of the City Attorney is privileged to be an integral part of the City’s Team and to provide counsel and assistance to the City Council, City Manager and the various Departments to ensure that City goals and policies are accomplished in compliance with all applicable laws.

Mission Statement

The Office of the City Attorney strives to provide a wide range of high quality legal services to the City of Moreno Valley by being professional, ethical and cost effective in its representation and advice to the City Council, Boards, Commissions, and Staff.

About the Department

The office consists of three attorneys, one paralegal and two support staff. We provide a wide range of legal services to the City organizations including legal advice to the City Council, City Manager, City Staff and City boards, committees, and commissions. We conduct or coordinate all litigation involving the City and manage all claims filed against the City. Our attorneys generate written legal opinions, draft or review ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and other legal documents relating to the City’s business. The office also contracts with and oversees outside attorneys who represent the City’s interests in specialized areas of law or in liability defense in coordination with PERMA, the City’s claim administrator.

The office prosecutes violations of City’s Municipal Code in civil and criminal courts. The office generally does not prosecute crimes committed under state laws. For information about criminal prosecution of state laws please contact the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office at 951.955.5400 or toll free at 800.599.9973.

Legal Advice to the Public

The City Attorney is the attorney for the City of Moreno Valley as represented by the elected Mayor and Council Members. Because of that relationship, the office cannot and will not represent or provide legal advice to the public, individual citizens or private organizations. Should you require legal services or have a personal legal question, you can contact Riverside County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service at 951.682.7520, Inland Counties Legal Services at 951.368.2555, or any other attorney referral service.