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Community Demonstration Garden

Proposed community garden.

The Community Demonstration Garden will be a showcase of sustainable gardening and landscaping applications for residences in the City.

See the Plans

The City has preliminary plans for the demonstration garden.

The City of Moreno Valley is developing a Community Demonstration Garden as part of the City’s new Civic Center Park. This project supports the City’s Healthy MoVal initiative that seeks to expand health and wellness opportunities for Moreno Valley residents of all ages. The project will create a new community green space that offers sustainable recreational opportunities for residents while fostering a more vibrant community.

The Moreno Valley Demonstration Garden seeks to provide a multi-use space to educate residents on a variety of sustainable gardening and landscaping techniques and technology in order to equip them with the knowledge necessary to implement the size, scope, and scale of garden or landscaping appropriate for their residential setting.

The Demonstration Garden will be located on a 9,000+ square foot area behind the existing Moreno Valley Conference and Recreation Center. This location, adjacent to the Moreno Valley Civic Amphitheater (anticipated opening mid-summer) is highly visible and accessible by foot, bike, car, and mass transit, with the nearest bus stop located within one block.

The conceptual plan contains a variety of elements that residents can replicate in their own homes by purchasing items at local big box stores or online, including raised planter beds, tower/wall planters, virmiculture, composting equipment, seedling racks, fruit trees, and a pollinator’s perennial garden. These elements will demonstrate sustainable approaches to residential food production with seasonally appropriate vegetables and fruit as well as horticultural "best practices" for home gardens to illustrate the importance of proper soil preparation, trellising, staking, and efficient irrigation practices, and use of plant species well-suited to the Inland Empire.