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                                                                            The  City  Council  meets  the  1st  and  3rd  Tuesdays  of
                                                                            each month at 6 pm in the Council Chamber.
 VET                      H IRE  M O V AL                                   Victoria Baca | Mayor Pro-Tem
                                                                            Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez | Mayor

                                                                            Dr. Carla  J. Thornton | Council Member District 2
                             Hire A
                                                                            David Marquez | Council Member District 3
                                                                            Ulises Cabrera | Council Member District 4

                                                                            UTILITIES COMMISSION
                                                                            The Utilities Commission meets the 4th Wednesday
                                                                            of each month at 6 pm in the Council Chamber.
                                                                            Vice Chairperson Bradly Stevens
                                                                            Term expires 6/30/21
                                                                            Stephen E. Lafond
                                                                            Term expires 6/30/22
          Now Recruiting Veterans for Hire MoVal                            Vacancy Declared
                                                                            Expiration to be determined

                                                                            Vacancy Declared
          Did you serve in the American Armed Forces?                       Business Customer  of  Moreno  Valley Utility |  Expiration  to  be
                    Do you live in Moreno Valley?                           determined
           Were you recently hired by a Moreno Valley
                      company or want to be?
                                                                            Jeannette Olko
                    You may be eligible to receive                          Electric Utility Division Manager
        $500 in addition to a $1000 Bonus to your employer!       

                                                                            Michael McLellan
                                                                            Electric Utility Program Coordinator

                                                                            MVU Office
                                                                            14331 Frederick Street, Suite 2
                                                                            Moreno Valley, CA 92553
                            Restrictions apply.                             951.413.3500
             Inquire today by emailing
           951.413.3021 |
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