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We want to assist you during the difficult times we are experiencing.

        If you are on our General Service Rate (20kW or less) and are
        having trouble paying your bill, we are offering flexible payment
        arrangements of up to 24 months. To set this up, please call us
        at (844) 341-6469 or you can set it up online and receive instant
        confirmation at

        Apply for an extended payment plan with up to 12 months to
        pay the outstanding balance accrued since March 2020. For a
        confidential, instant confirmation, please apply online at www. or call us at (844) 341-6469.
        If your income meets the income listed below OR if it  has changed
        significantly due to COVID-19,  OR if someone in your home
        participates in at least one of the eligible public assistance programs
        listed on the application, YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR OUR NEW                                          MORENO VALLEY
        discount savings program.                                                                       UTILITY

                                                                 MORENO VALLEY UTILITY
                                                             LEVEL PAYMENT PLAN

                                                    Avoid the ups and downs on your MVU bill caused by seasonal energy use.
                                                    Spread out even payments over every billing period throughout the year.
                                                    Your actual energy usage is still reported, and MVU monitors your payment
                                                    amount to adjust if you are paying too much.

                                                     •  The Level Payment Plan is available to residential and small commercial
                                                        customers with a minimum of 12 months of service with MVU
                                                     •  This  program  helps  customers  plan  ahead  and  consistently  budget  for
                                                        energy costs
                                                     •  Applications are encouraged in the Fall and Winter (November – March)
                                                     •  To enroll email: or call customer service at

                                                           951-413-3500 | |

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