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Entitlement/Permitting Assistance

The Moreno Valley Development Team works together to make Moreno Valley one of the Best Places to do Business in the Inland Empire.

The Development Services divisions within the Community Development Department along with the Fire Prevention Bureau of the Fire Department provide permit, plan check, and inspection services to developers, businesses, and residents to assist with project timeliness, proper land-use, and implementation of the Moreno Valley Municipal Code, and State building and fire codes.

In addition to visiting the Developer Help Desk for information about fees and other links to online resources needed for a project in Moreno Valley, please visit the following Divisions for specific information: Planning DivisionBuilding & Safety DivisionLand Development DivisionFire Prevention Bureau.

Development Services Team

Mike Lee
Economic Development Director
Michele Patterson
Economic Development Manager
Allen Brock
Community Development Director
Rick Sandzimier
Planning Official
Adria Reinertson
Fire Marshal