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Hire a MoVal Grad

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Submit completed forms:
by Email:
by Mail: City of Moreno Valley 
Attn: Hire a MoVal Grad Program
14177 Frederick Street
P.O. Box 88005 
Moreno Valley, CA 92552-0805

The Hire a MoVal Grad program is the latest phase in the City’s award winning Hire MoVal program to provide incentives to businesses in exchange for hiring Moreno Valley residents. With the new Hire a MoVal Grad program, your business is eligible to apply for a $1,000 stipend for each recent Moreno Valley graduate up to a maximum of five new hires. See the program flyer for details.


  • Your businesses must be currently licensed by the City of Moreno Valley
  • Your hire must be a Moreno Valley resident who has done one of the following: Received a degree, certificate, completed a training program, or course of study from an accredited educational institution within the past two years beyond a secondary (K-12) education
  • Your business must retain the employee for a minimum of 480 hours, which is an average of 20 hours a week for a minimum employment time period of six months.

How to Apply

  • Submit a completed Application Form. This can be done after initially hiring a local graduate.
  • Note the program year:
    2021/2022 Program Year runs- July 1,2021 through June 30,2022

What to Expect

  • Allow 8 – 12 weeks for processing and notification.
  • Incentives may be taxable. Consult your tax advisor to be certain.

For detailed requirements and program details, see the Hire a MoVal Grad Program Participation, Terms & Conditions.