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How do I...

Here are the answers to common questions that residents have.

Where can I pay my cable bill?
Call Time Warner Cable: 888.683.1000.

Getting a Marriage License or Copies of Birth or Death Certificates

These documents are not available from the City of Moreno Valley. They are issues and kept by the Riverside County Clerk Recorder's Office at 2724 Gateway Drive in Riverside. Their phone number is 951.486.7000.

Who can I call to get my utilities turned on? I just recently moved to Moreno Valley and I don't know what the numbers are.
Here are the phone numbers for the local utility providers:

  • Water
    Eastern Municipal Water District: 951.928.3777
  • Electric
    Moreno Valley Electric Utility: 844.341.6469
    Southern California Edison: 800. 655.4555
  • Telephone
    SBC: 800.310.2355 (residential)
    Verizon: 800.483.5000
  • Trash
    Waste Management: 800.423.9986
  • Cable
    Time Warner Cable : 888.683.1000
  • Gas
    Southern California Gas: 800.427.2200

Who do I call if there's a large open field behind my house with very tall weeds, as well as tumbleweed? I'm sure it's a fire hazard.
The City of Moreno Valley Code & Neighborhood Services can help you with that.
You can call them at 951.413.3340.

Does Moreno Valley provide low-income loans for me to improve my home?
Yes, our Redevelopment Dept. can help you with that information. They can be reached at 951.413.3450.

I would like to start my new business in Moreno Valley and I need information on obtaining a business license. Where can I get one?
Our Business License Department can answer any questions you may have. You can call them at 951.413-3080.

There is a stray dog in my backyard. I don't know which neighbor he belongs to. How can I get the dog removed?
Contact the Animal Shelter and they will have someone come out to pick up the dog. Their number is 951.413.3790.

How can I report that my streetlights are out?
Complete this online form, or call the City's Special Districts Division at 951.413.3470.

How do I report a traffic signal that isn't working properly?
Contact the City's Transportation Department at 951.413.3140.

Why haven't street sweepers come to my neighborhood for a couple of weeks? Also, what is the street sweeping schedule for my neighborhood?
Contact Street Sweeping at 951.413.3340. Streets are swept twice every month. Here is more information about Street Sweeping in Moreno Valley.

I'm in a new tract and they are not sweeping the streets, also construction debris is not being picked up by the developer. Who can I call?
Call Land Development at 951.413.3179

There are new homes being built in my area, and the construction crew doesn't clean up as they should when work is completed each day. Can someone talk to the developer?
Contact the Public Works Department at 951.413.3100.

How can I get a City job application?
Contact Human Resources at 951.413.3045. Complete your application through the online application system. 

How can I learn about the job requirements for a position?
Call the city's 24-hour job line - 951.413.3405 ext. 209. If the position is currently open, you can view the job requirements by selecting the job title.

Who can I talk to about a parking ticket?
Code & Neighborhood Services - 951.413.3340.






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