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Before scheduling an inspection:

  • All work must be inspected before it is covered up.
  • Failure to comply may result in you having to dismantle completed work to expose the area in question for inspection.
  • Work for which an inspection has been requested, but not completed, inaccessible, or ready for inspection will be subject to a re-inspection fee.
  • Inspections that require access to interior spaces will require the property owner or an adult representative to be present during inspection.
  • If you must cancel a requested inspection, please call Building and Safety at 951.413.3380 to reschedule. Otherwise, you may incur a re-inspection fee.
  • Same day inspection is not guaranteed and is based on the discretion of the Building and Safety Supervisor. If request is granted additional fees will apply.
  • You may schedule an inspection by using our online form, or by calling our automated service: 951.413.3380.

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