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Illegal Dumping

Let’s Clean Up MoVal Together.

Illegal dumping harms our community by posing a health risk, lowering property values, and presenting an unseemly blight on vacant land. It is also a crime punishable by a $1,000 fine and potential jail time. As part of the City’s effort to clean up MoVal, here are some resources you can use to do your part in keeping Moreno Valley clean.

Report Dumping

See active illegal dumping?
Call MVPD: 951.247.8700

See debris or trash on the street?
Call Maintenance and Operations: 951.413.3160

See debris or trash on private property?
Call Community Enhancement: 951.413.3340

Illegal Dumping Resources and Information

Frequently Asked Questions About Illegal Dumping

  • What is illegal dumping?

    Illegal dumping is the unlawful disposal of trash or other goods on vacant land without the consent of the owner or in a public place outside of a proper bin. This can be dumping your old sofa on the sidewalk or your trash bags on empty land.

  • Why is it Bad?

    Disposal of your trash outside the proper methods can pose a health and safety risk to the community, increase the danger of natural disasters, and lower land values.

  • What if I’m caught illegal dumping?

    Illegal dumping is a misdemeanor offense, carrying a first-time fine of $1,000. In addition to the fine, you could spend time in jail.

  • What if someone dumps their trash on my land?

    If someone dumps trash on your land, it is your responsibility to clean your property.

    The Community Enhancement and Neighborhood Services will cite you, and if they must clean the property for you, a lien will be attached to your property.

    If this is a constant issue for you, consider installing a fence or other means for securing your property.

  • How can I do my part?

    Doing your part is easy and free!

    You can join one of the Community Day of Service events to clean up our city.

    You can also help by simply disposing of unwanted goods through the proper means.

  • Where can I dump my unwanted goods?

    Call your waste provider to take away your bulky items free of charge.

    The City of Moreno Valley and County of Riverside both have used oil and household hazardous waste disposal events.

    You can also dump your trash at the Badlands Landfill on Ironwood Avenue for a fee.

  • I have large items that I don’t need but can’t haul them myself. What do I do?

    No problem at all!

    Every Moreno Valley customers gets four free bulky item pickups a month, or one a week!

    Call Waste Management (you should be able to get the number from your bill) and schedule the appointment. Set the bulky item out on the curb on your scheduled pick up day.

    If you rent, you can also access this service. Find out from your landlord who your provider is and call to schedule the pickup.

    There is a $20 fee after the four free pickups.