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MVU releases annual reports overviewing the utility's accomplishments and contributions to the City as well as financial and strategic planning information.

Current Report Overview

The rapid growth of MVU over the last few years has placed the utility in a position to successfully contribute to the economic development goals of the City, helping to attract world-class customers such as Amazon, Procter & Gamble, Deckers Outdoor, Aldi US, Skechers USA, and Karma Automotive.

In addition to offering economic development rate incentives, MVU also offers energy efficiency programs for both residential and business customers, and an award winning Hire MoVal incentive program that encourages businesses to hire locally. We are proud to be a part of the Development Services team that is successfully bringing jobs to the community.

Ensuring reliable service in the midst of double digit growth remains a top priority for MVU. The ability to continue to attract Fortune 500 companies and large e-commerce businesses depends on reliable service and quick responses in the event of emergencies.

Looking to the future, MVU will focus on developing a strategic plan that will provide a roadmap to carry the utility forward for the next several years. The strategic plan will address many of the opportunities facing MVU that require direction and input from the City Council and Utilities Commission.