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Adopt a Neighborhood

Moreno Valley has a wide range of needs often served best by local groups and businesses working directly with one another to enhance the community’s quality of life. The City is fortunate to have a diverse blend of civic, community, non-profit, religious organizations, and businesses to work with neighborhoods and residents.

The Adopt a Neighborhood Program was established to link residents, resident groups and neighborhoods with community partners by:

  • Directly engaging community partners, such as civic, community, non-profit and religious organizations and businesses to work directly with residents, resident groups and neighborhoods to address issues of local concern
  • Encouraging a holistic approach toward addressing a broad range of needs within Moreno Valley’s diverse community
  • Providing a structure that allows community partners to offer services and/or resources to targeted areas
  • Creating an environment in where Moreno Valley’s Social Capital will continue to benefit the needs community of Moreno Valley
  • Serving as way to recognize the City’s community partners for their work with local residents, resident groups, and neighborhoods


The City will work to link requests for sponsorships with organizations and businesses that can provide the requested assistance.*

Be a Sponsor

Fill out the online form:

Apply to be a Sponsor

Note that your organization or businesses will need to provide the following information:

  1. Name of Organization
  2. Name of Organization Contact
  3. Method(s) Organization Wish to Be Contacted
    - Phone Number
    - Email Address 
    - Physical Address
    - Website
  4. Neighborhood(s)/geographical area(s) where Sponsor wishes to Sponsor.
  5. Type of service(s), products, etc. that Sponsor desires to provide.
  6. Any limitations, restrictions or other special instructions that should be disclosed to those requesting a Sponsor e.g. time limitations and/or quantity limitations or other restrictions

Request a Sponsor

Fill out the online form:

Request a Sponsor

Note that your neighborhood will need to provide the following information:

  1. Contact Information:
    - Contact Name
    - Physical Address 
    - Phone Number
    - Email Address
    - Project address
  2. Location in the community where Sponsorship is desired/needed if different from the Contact's information.
  3. Purpose for Sponsorship (goals to be reached with the requested assistance)
  4. Specific needs requested e.g. materials, services, etc. needed, Also, include dates and/or times if a sponsorship request is for a specific day(s) and/or time(s) and any other specifics that may pertain to the request that should be made known a Sponsor.

The City makes no guarantee that any and/or all requests for services, goods, etc., will be available upon request or in the future. The City makes no guarantee as to the validity of any Sponsor or Request for Sponsorship. All parties should perform necessary due diligence prior to offering Sponsorship to any request for Sponsorship or accepting any type of Sponsored good or service. The City shall not be legally liable for any and all interactions between Sponsors and those requesting and/or being Sponsored.