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Appeal a Citation

Can I Appeal Admin or Parking Citations?

Yes. You have the right to appeal citations within a limited time frame. See below for more information based on the type of citation.

Note: Failure to pay a citation or correct a code/parking violation may result in additional fines, citations and/or legal action.

Administrative Citation

You may appeal within thirty (30) days from the citation date. An appeal must be in writing, include payment of the citation as a deposit and mailed to:

City of Moreno Valley
P.O. Box 7275
Newport Beach, CA 92658-7275

Admin Downloads

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are given twenty-one (21) days from the original citation date plus an additional fourteen (14) days once the citation becomes delinquent to appeal. You may appeal a parking ticket:

  • In-person at Moreno Valley City Hall
  • Internet
  • By Mail. Send the form to:

    Citation Processing Center
    PO Box 10479
    Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479

Parking Downloads