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Electric Vehicle Incentives

There are State and Federal incentives for electric vehicle purchasers.

California State Incentives

  • Clean Fuel Reward Program
    The CFR will provide up to $1,500 for the purchase or lease of new EVs ($ amount is dependent on battery size). This reward is a point-of-sale rebate or direct price reduction that should be available through any participating EV Dealer.

    If you are looking for a new EV – please make sure that you review the CFR website at:
  • CA Clean Vehicle Rebate Project
    California Residents can earn up to $7000 in rebates when they buy or lease a new electric vehicle.
  • CA Department of Motor Vehicles High Occupancy Vehicle Lane Usage
    Electric vehicle drivers are qualified to drive in the carpool lane as a single occupant driver.
  • Additional Incentives
    The US Department of Energy website has a complete list of clean vehicle incentives in California.

California Regional Incentives


Federal Incentives

  • IRS Tax Credit 
    Individual | Business
    IRS provides tax credits of up to $7500 for qualified electric vehicles.

MVU Incentives

  • Electric Vehicle Discount Rate
    Electric Vehicle Discount Application Form
    MVU residential customers who own or lease an electric vehicle can apply to receive discounted electric utility rates. The 5 cents per kWh per billing period discount applies to up to a maximum of 500 kWhs per month. See the application form for details.