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Budget Documents

Photo of Budget document and flipbook.

The City of Moreno Valley adopts a two-year budget to plan the best use of resources for providing services to residents and businesses.

Current Budget

The City's adopted budget covers two fiscal years.

The City of Moreno Valley has completed its two-year budget.  While we are proud of our conservative fiscal safeguards and balanced budget this year, we recognize there are future needs that our current budget did not address.

As we plan for the future- we want to hear from you!
Please read our Budget in Brief and join the conversation by providing input on your priorities for the future.

Budget Development Cycle
The budget encompasses all components units of the City — including both Operating Budgets and Capital Improvement Project budget requests. The currently completed budget process projected operating revenues and expenditures for the next two fiscal years: 2019/20 – 2020/21. The next two-year cycle begins July 1, 2021.

Join The Conversation — Community Feedback

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Moreno Valley prides itself on being a safe, well-maintained community to live, do business, or raise a family. Community values played a key role in the recent budget process — but we can't stop there. It's important the City keeps up-to-date on resident priorities to make the best budget decisions now and in the future.

The City recently conducted a community priorities survey during the 2019 budget process. The results of the survey are outlined in the executive overview and presentation of survey results. In brief, the service priorities identified by residents were:

  • Preventing robberies and burglaries
  • Maintaining 911 emergency response times
  • Repairing potholes
  • Maintaining safe and clean public areas
  • Maintaining crime fighting programs and gang and youth violence prevention programs
  • Maintaining sworn police officers on the streets and the number of fire engines in service
  • Addressing homelessness

Make Your Voice Heard — Join the Conversation TODAY

Whether or not you participated in past surveys, we need to know your thoughts today. Tell us what is important to you by:

  • Completing a Community Feedback Survey: Online form | Print/Email Form. The city is engaging in a community outreach effort to get feedback on your priorities. 
  • Get answers to your questions by checking the Maintaining Our Community FAQ
  • Scheduling a presentation for your community group or organization — please email
  • Using Balancing Act — an online tool that lets you “balance” the amended  FY 2018/19 budget. Your choices provide feedback for the development of the new budget.

Budget Reference Documents