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Future Growth Concepts Survey

Moval General Plan 2020

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We need your input to select the best combination of concepts to include in a Preferred Concept that will be presented to the City Council on June 9.

Take the Survey

This survey is open until May 20, 2020.

In Phase 1 of the Comprehensive General Plan Update, a long-range vision for the future of Moreno Valley was developed with wide-ranging input from over 750 community members and City decision-makers. That vision involves making Moreno Valley a destination city, with a dynamic economy, vibrant gathering places, livable neighborhoods, and a strong sense of local pride. View the Vision here.

This survey presents different concepts that could help make the Vision a reality. We need your input to select the best combination to include in a Preferred Concept that will be presented to the City Council on June 9.  Take the quick survey here.


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Send your questions about the 2040 General Plan Update project to :
Chris Ormsby, AICP — Senior Planner 

As we look to 2040 and plan for the future, emerging trends and new State laws present opportunities and challenges we need to address.

  • Residential Trends and Forecasts
    Today, about 30 percent of the land Moreno Valley is designated for housing, with many vacant properties available for development throughout the city, particularly in the east. More than 80 percent of the existing homes in the city are single-family houses. Allowing for a range of different housing types -- from large-lot single-family detached homes, to smaller single-family homes, clustered homes, skinny homes, townhomes, or small-scale garden-style apartments -- would help ensure the community remains affordable to people at all ages and stages of life, including young singles, new families, and seniors.

    The State has also passed laws to address the ongoing affordability crisis and help ensure that there is sufficient housing available to people of all income classes. To meet the requirements of the laws, Moreno Valley must plan to accommodate its share of the regional housing need, which is 13,595 new homes by 2029, including 5,800 higher density homes (ex: townhomes, apartments, condominiums) that would be affordable to low and very low income households. The City's Housing Element plans for nearly 20,000 new homes, of which 4,200 would be affordable to lower income households. Therefore, the City needs to plan for an additional 1,600 higher density homes. Given market conditions and preferences in the Inland Empire, higher density housing is likely most feasible as part of mixed use developments.
  • Employment Trends and Forecasts
    Moreno Valley is projected to add nearly 52,000 new jobs by 2040. The city has concentrations of jobs in key sectors that are expected to grow, including transportation/warehousing, healthcare, educational services, and hospitality. These sectors represent the best opportunities for local job creation because they provide a base to build on. With its strategic location and excellent access to the regional transportation network, Moreno Valley can also work to attract businesses in other growth sectors as well.
  • Retail
    Moreno Valley has a relatively young population and a high share of families, which is attractive to retailers. As the city continues to grow, market analysis indicates that new residents and employees could support 500,000 square feet of new retail. Retail businesses have the best chance of success if they are located along high traffic corridors at intersections with good visibility.
  • Office
    Today, Moreno Valley has a relatively low share of jobs that require traditional office space. That makes it more challenging to attract office development because new office is most likely to be built in established central business districts. However, the healthcare sector is expected to grow and with two major hospital located in the city, Moreno Valley has opportunities to attract new medical office and research and development space. There are also opportunities for professional office space in mixed use developments. Market analysis indicates support for 150,000 square feet of office space through 2035.
  • Hotels
    Demand for new hotels and motels is projected in the near and mid-term throughout the Inland Empire. Opportunities for business hotels are best in locations with good access to and visibility from the freeways. There are also opportunities for new hotels near the hospitals, catering to families of patients.
  • Commercial Sports/Recreation
    With its many young families, Moreno Valley is positioned to attract commercial sport and recreational facilities, such as Topgolf, Big League Dreams, or even a minor league soccer venue. These types of development typically require about 30 acres of land and there are vacant properties of that size in the central and eastern parts of the city.
  • Industrial
    Since 2008 there has been a boom in industrial development throughout the Inland Empire, led by construction of logistics and warehousing facilities. The strong growth trend is expected through 2026. Moreno Valley has already designated land around the March Air Reserve Base and in the east of the city to accommodate a range of business park and industrial uses.


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  • How can I learn more about the General Plan Update?

    Visit the project webpage which will be updated with new information regularly. You can also sign up for the mailing list to receive updates going forward.

  • Do I have to complete the survey in one sitting?

    No, you don’t have to complete the survey in one sitting if you use the same computer/mobile device and browser each time you access the survey. Most people can expect to spend about 10 minutes on the survey.