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Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez, Mayor

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Mayor Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez

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Dr. Yxstian A. Gutierrez

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Mayor Gutierrez' Weekly Message

Mayor's Minute

April 27, 2021

Whether it's spring cleaning, a family move, or time to clear out the garage, we all have bulky items to be disposed of or recycled now and then. Bulky items typically are too large for our regular trash and recycling bins and often wind up sitting on curbsides. 

An essential part of any community is keeping our streets, parks, and neighborhoods clean. You can help meet this important goal by disposing of unwanted items properly.

That's why we've established a simple way we can all beautify MoVal and keep our streets free of unsightly and often dangerous old bulky items. Best of all, it's free! 

Moreno Valley residents are allowed up to four bulky item pickups per month or one per week. Schedule a pickup by contacting the Waste Management team at least 48 hours in advance to confirm pick up on the same day as your usual collection day. It is that simple. 

Visit for details, scheduling, and a complete listing of what can and cannot be scheduled for pickup. 

The City also hosts several e-waste and recycling events throughout the year so that you can get rid of your waste safely and conveniently. Moreno Valley residents can also take items to the Badlands Landfill on Ironwood Avenue. Illegal dumping hurts everyone, and by taking your items to collection events or calling your waste provider, we can continue to make our community safe and beautiful.

Let's work together to prevent illegal dumping in Moreno Valley! 

Beautify MoVal Community Clean-up


Ya sea que se trate de una limpieza de primavera, una mudanza familiar o el momento de limpiar el garaje, todos tenemos artículos voluminosos que desechar o reciclar de vez en cuando. Los artículos voluminosos suelen ser demasiado grandes para nuestros contenedores de basura y reciclaje habituales y, a menudo, terminan sentados en las aceras.

Una parte esencial de cualquier comunidad es mantener limpias nuestras calles, parques y vecindarios. Puede ayudar a alcanzar este importante objetivo desechando adecuadamente los artículos no deseados.

Es por eso que hemos establecido una manera simple en la que todos podemos embellecer MoVal y mantener nuestras calles libres de artículos viejos y voluminosos antiestéticos y, a menudo, peligrosos. ¡Lo mejor de todo, es gratis!

A los residentes de Moreno Valley se les permite hasta cuatro recogidas de artículos voluminosos por mes o una por semana. Programe una recogida poniéndose en contacto con el equipo de Waste Management con al menos 48 horas de anticipación para confirmar la recogida el mismo día que su día de recogida habitual. Es así de simple.

Visite para obtener detalles, programación y una lista completa de lo que se puede y no se puede programar para la recogida.

La Ciudad también organiza varios eventos de reciclaje y desechos electrónicos durante el año para que pueda deshacerse de su basura de manera segura y conveniente. Los residentes de Moreno Valley también pueden llevar artículos al relleno sanitario Badlands localizado en Ironwood Avenue. Los vertidos ilegales perjudican a todos, y al llevar sus artículos a eventos de recolección o llamar a su proveedor de desechos, podemos continuar haciendo que nuestra comunidad sea segura y hermosa.

¡Trabajemos juntos para prevenir los vertidos ilegales en Moreno Valley!





Coronavirus Efforts

As fast as the coronavirus crisis is evolving, I have been heartened to see our community adapting just as quickly.  Our City Council and I, working with what has to be the most talented and dedicated municipal staff, have had to anticipate coronavirus-related challenges and respond just as rapidly.
Here is a summary of actions we’ve taken to help Moreno Valley get through this unprecedented situation:

Meet Mayor Gutierrez

A resident of Moreno Valley for more than 20 years, Mayor Gutierrez serves as the City’s first directly elected Mayor. He began service as a City Council Member in 2013, was appointed Mayor Pro Tem and Mayor, and was elected Mayor of Moreno Valley in 2016. Mayor Gutierrez is proud of the City’s success in bringing more than 14,000 new jobs to our community over the past four years.

Under his leadership, Moreno Valley was ranked the third most fiscally strong City in the nation - a testament to sound financial management practices - and the City’s second library branch opened.

He championed the award-winning Hire MoVal program – an initiative that promotes hiring local Moreno Valley residents while offering economic incentives to businesses through utility rate discounts and business license waivers. The program’s expansion - Hire a Grad - benefits businesses that hire local college and career technical school graduates.

He advocates for Moreno Valley’s Citywide Camera program and cutting edge community policing programs which allow the City to stretch resources while reducing crime and making neighborhoods safer.

Mayor Gutierrez also works diligently to improve community engagement to help ensure that City government effectively represents its residents and businesses. He created the Summer at City Hall program to give local high school students an inside view at how city government works and spearheaded the establishment of the Emerging Leaders Council, a panel of college students between the ages of 18 and 25 who advise Moreno Valley officials on youth issues.

Mayor Gutierrez currently serves on the Parks, Community Services and Trails Committee, the Economic Development Subcommittee, the Finance Subcommittee, and the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC). As an alternate, he serves on the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG), the Riverside Transit Agency,  the Public Safety Subcommittee,

In addition to his role as Mayor of this dynamic City, Mayor Gutierrez has spent more than a decade working with children as a special education teacher with the Moreno Valley Unified School District. He also serves on the board for the Renu Hope Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to lifting up working families by providing education and other support services to guide them on their paths to success.

He is a member of the United States Conference of Mayors Latino Alliance Committee along with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Mayor Gutierrez also serves as a local board member for the US Selective Service. Members are nominated by the governor and appointed by the director of the Selective Service System on behalf of the President of the United States. Mayor Gutierrez has been serving in that capacity since 2016.

The first member of his family to go to college, he earned an associate’s degree from Moreno Valley College, a bachelor’s degree from California Baptist University, a master’s degree in Education from American InterContinental University and a doctoral degree in Special Education from Northcentral University.

Mayor Gutierrez is also an alumnus of USC’s Executive Education in Public Policy program and the USC Executive Education Marshall School of Business program in Strategic Analysis in Achieving Competitive Advantage.

The former local business owner is proud to live, work and play right in his hometown. He enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and his two dogs- Kayla and Lassie. 

“I am honored to have been chosen as the first directly-elected Mayor of Moreno Valley, the City where I grew up and the City where I continue to live and work,” said Mayor Gutierrez. “I look forward to bringing more job opportunities and preserving an exceptional quality of life for our community. Together, we are putting Moreno Valley on the map and continuing to make it work for our residents.”

Committee and Board Participation

City Council Subcommittees


  • Economic Development Subcommittee
  • Finance Subcommittee
  • Parks & Community Services Council


  • Public Safety Subcommittee


  • Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC)


  • Riverside Transit Agency (RTA)
  • Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG)

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