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Use this form to report only crimes that have taken place within the Moreno Valley City limits and when you do not know the suspect in the crime. If you are not sure where the city limits are, check our City Map or Community List.

This website is not monitored 24-hours a day. If your incident requires immediate action by the police department, please DIAL 911.

Use this online form to report:

  • Theft - The unlawful taking of the personal property of another.
  • Vandalism - Malicious mischief or damage done to your property.
  • Vehicle Burglary - Someone unlawfully enters a locked vehicle and takes property.
  • Vehicle Tampering - Damaging, defacing or removing any parts of a vehicle ... windows smashed, car paint keyed, etc.
  • Lost/Stolen Property - Property that is missing and it is not known if the property was taken or lost.
  • Harassing Phone Calls - Immediate hang-ups, obscene language, etc. with no known suspects.
  • Burglary of house or Garage - with no known suspects.
  • Burglary of a Business - with no known suspects.

Call 951.247.8700 for an officer and do not use the form if:

  • You are reporting a stolen vehicle
  • You know who the suspect is in the crime you are reporting, or you know where the suspect resides
  • There is physical evidence to collect
  • There is a present or continuing danger - Call 911
  • The crime involves domestic violence or physical injuries

Please provide as much information as you can by filling in the form - if you cannot answer a question completely, just enter as much information as you can. For help on a field, click on this symbol help icon. Required fields are noted with a burgundy square ( ).

Crime Information
Did the crime happen in Moreno Valley? Yes     No   help
Are you the victim of the crime? Yes      No   help
What type of crime are you reporting: help
Address or location of the crime:   help
Type of location: 



Nearest cross street to the location:  help
Do you know when the crime happened?

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If you answered Yes, please provide the date and time:


Crime date:  (e.g., 02/01/2005)

At what time: AM PM (e.g., 09:35)


If you answered No, please provide before and after dates:  help

The crime occurred after:
at  AM PM
(e.g., 02/01/2005 at 09:35)

and before:
at  AM PM
(e.g., 02/07/2005 at 12:35)

Where was the victim during the crime?   help
Please write a brief summary of the incident: help
Victim's Vehicle Information
Was a vehicle involved? Yes     No help
If a vehicle was involved, please provide as much information as you can about it.
Vehicle make:  help
Vehicle model: help
Vehicle year:  (e.g., 2006) help
Vehicle color:  help
License plate number:  help
License State:  help
Was the vehicle locked : Yes     No     Not sure  help
Location of Entry and Method of Entry
What was the location of entry:  help
Where is the entry point located:  help
What was the method of entry:  help
Property Information
Was any property lost, damaged or stolen? Yes     No   help
Property was  help

Briefly describe the property. help
For example:
Item, brand, model, serial number, size, color, quantity, dollar value, etc.
This field is limited. Note the number in the characters remaining field.

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Approximate total value of all property: $  help
Victim's Contact Information
Victim's name:  help
Address:  help
City, state, & zip ,   ZIP:  help
Home phone:   help
Business phone:  help
Email:  help
Victim's date of birth  (e.g., 02/15/1975) help
Victim's ethnicity (optional)  help
Victim's gender Male      Female   help
Victim's driver's license or state ID number  help
State issuing victim's driver's license or ID  help
Reporting Information
If you are reporting the crime for someone else, please provide your contact information:
Your name:  help
Address:  help
City, state, & zip ,   ZIP:  help
Home phone:  help
Business phone:  help
Email:  help
Relationship to the victim:



By entering your name in the following field, you are certifying that the information provided is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. It is a Misdemeanor to make a false report of a crime (Sec. 148.5 Calif. Penal Code).
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