Special Lighting for the 'M'

City Hall's LED lighting system on Box Springs Mountain for the 'M' is designed to enhance local events and provide a source of civic unity and pride. The default color will be white. Lighting the ‘M’ promotes the city, its civic institutions, state and federal holidays, and other public events of community significance and times of celebration. The City may accept community requests for special lighting to recognize a specific cause or to commemorate or enhance a specific event consistent with the purposes expressed here. Non-profit and charitable organizations can request that the 'M' be illuminated in specific colors to elevate awareness of their cause.

Criteria for Requests

Requests must be consistent with the purposes of the 'M', namely:

  • Enhance local events
  • Provide a source of civic unity and pride
  • Promote the City
  • Promote the City’s civic institutions
  • Promote state and federal holidays
  • Promote public events of community significance
  • Enhance times of citywide celebration
  • Recognize a specific cause
  • Commemorate or enhance a community event

Priority in choosing colors for the lights will be given to promoting events that celebrate the City, its civic institutions, City‑recognized holidays, public events and festivals. Requests to change the color or pattern of the 'M’s' decorative lights will be accommodated as dates are available. The City reserves the right to deny or modify requests.

If multiple requests are made for different colors on the same date(s), preference will be given to events that are locally organized and that affect the largest number of residents.

Anniversaries of public events with Moreno Valley connections, or anniversaries of local landmarks and institutions may be considered. However, those requests may be limited to milestone commemorations, such as 1st, 10th, 25th, 50th or 100th anniversaries.

See the full M-lighting Policy...

Before Submitting Your Request

Before you consider sumitting a request, note that the following types of requests will not be approved:

  • Requests from commercial entities seeking to promote a product or service will not be approved.
  • Requests to recognize an individual’s birthday, wedding, or anniversary will not be approved.
  • Third-party requests on behalf of an organization or an individual will not be approved. The request must come directly from an authorized agent of a non-profit charitable organization.
  • Recurring requests and requests for lighting more than one year in advance will not be approved.
  • Political, personal, private, or controversial requests will not be approved.


Submit a Request

All requests must be submitted to the City, in writing, at least three weeks prior to the request start date. Please submit requests using this online form, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. Questions about the form or submissions should be directed to City Hall at 951.413.3000.

The City will review each request on a first-come, first served basis. The City will respond to each request within two weeks from the date the request is received. The City’s response is final.

If the online form is not convenient, interested parties may submit all the information on the form to ContactUs@moval.org or via mail to City Hall, Attention: M Lighting Request, 14177 Frederick St., PO Box 88005, Moreno Valley, CA 92552.

Request Special Lighting

Current schedule of lights on the 'M'

The default color of the 'M' is white.  The 'M' is lit from dusk to midnight.


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