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Community Calendar & BBS Request

Keep in mind that all messages are subject to the message board policies and may be edited. Messages begin airing approximately two weeks before the event. Provide the information as early as possible

Eligible Participants:
Entities and groups eligible to submit messages for cablecasting over MVTV-3 include the following, on order of priority:

  • First priority:
    local government, including local law enforcement and agencies funded by local government.
  • Second priority:
    local educational institutions
  • Third priority:
    local non-profit organizations, local service groups, local social and recreational clubs, businesses and for-profit groups if the sponsored event or activity benefits a local humanitarian or non-profit cause


  • Fourth priority:
    public agencies outside Moreno Valley which offer information and activities of interest to Moreno Valley viewers. These messages will be displayed on the calendar as space permits, as priority will be given to messages submitted by local groups.

Message Preemption:
While messages are deemed important, calendar information will be preempted on MVTV-3 to provide feature programming sponsored or co-sponsored by the City of Moreno Valley, and critical information to viewers in the event of a major disaster or emergency affecting the city.

Message Evaluation: Each message is reviewed by the MVTV-3 Administrator for conformance with eligibility and content guidelines. Each message will be considered in relation to its priority, content and other requirements.

Message Content Requirement and Restrictions

The following types of messages will be considered:

  • Messages from groups other than the City are limited to an event or activity that takes
    place monthly or less often.
  • Messages must be submitted in writing to the City Communications Officer in person, by mail or by fax. Printed message forms are made available at most City and other public facilities.
  • Messages must be noncommercial in nature, serving the public interest, and relate to events and activities open to the public.
  • Messages must be submitted at least two weeks before a scheduled event.
  • Messages must be brief (typically 75 words). All messages are subject to editing and condensation.
  • Time -sensitive messages will be displayed through the day of the event or specified deadline.
  • Messages with no specific event time or deadline will be displayed for as long as space permits, at the Administrator’s discretion.

The following types of messages will not be considered:

  • Content considered obscene, inflammatory, or of a pornographic nature.
  • Messages promoting illegal activities.
  • Activities that attempt to defraud viewers or attempt to obtain money by fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises.
  • Commercial advertising
  • Messages promoting, endorsing or opposing a political candidate, initiative, referendum, recall, or other election issue. However, notices publicizing public meetings, forums and social functions sponsored by political groups and open to the public are acceptable, as long as the names of political candidates and/or members, titles, or descriptions of ballot measures are not publicized.

The Community Bulletin Board is provided as a public service. Therefore, while the City shall endeavor to ensure that messages submitted by individuals/organizations are transmitted accurately and in a timely manner, the City assumes no liability in connection with the Bulletin Board and makes no warranties or representations that any message will, in fact, be transmitted accurately or at any particular time. The City cannot take responsibility for the factual accuracy of the information as submitted (i.e., times, dates, specific locations, name spellings and phone numbers). that responsibility rests with the originator of the information.



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