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This form is a fast and easy way for you to report code violations in Moreno Valley.

Please note that The Code & Neighborhood Services Division does not investigate civil matters such as:
overwatering of lawns, overhanging tree branches, fencing repair disputes, or enforcement of private CC&Rs.

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Please provide the following contact information so that we can get in touch with you should we have any questions about the code violation that you are reporting. Complaints can be filed anonymously.  Should you opt to provide your personal information, the City will make every effort to maintain confidentiality and may only disclose the complainant’s identity under court order.


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Please note: The street number/street name is required to locate the violation.  If site is undeveloped, please provide cross streets and any other identifying information.)
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Code Violations
Listed below are code issues investigated by the Code & Neighborhood Services Division.  Please mark those about which you have a concern and include any pertinent details in the comments section. You can click on linked options for a description.
Accessible buildings
Animals, prohibited
Auto repair
Business license
Conditions of Approval (COA) violation
Discarded household items
Dust control
Encroachment of the public right of way
Excessive lighting
Excessive noise
Fencing, dilapidated
Garage/yard sale
Home occupation, illegal
Illegal dumping
Mobile vending, illegal
Obscuring visibility
Pool, accessible
Pool, maintenance
Property, maintenance
Roadside sales, illegal
Shopping carts
Trash containers
Vehicle parking over 72 hrs
Vehicle parking, other
Vehicle parking, unimproved surface
Vehicle, inoperable
Weeds, residence
Zoning, conformance
Substandard Housing Issues


Insect/rodent infestation
No smoke detector
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