Financial Operations Division

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The division provides full accounting services for the City, Community Services District and Successor Agency including internal and external reporting, payroll, and accounts payable. This division also administers the annual audit process, produces the annual CAFR and is responsible for determining the propriety and legality of all financial transactions in accordance with laws, regulations, accounting standards, and council and administrative policy.

Financial Reports

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Special Districts Reports

Lighting Maintenance District No. 2014-01

Landscape Maintenance District No. 2014-02

CFD No. 1 (Park Maintenance)

CFD No. 3 (Automall)

CFD No. 4-M (Centerpointe Basin Maintenance Services)

CFD No. 5 (Stoneridge Towne Center)

CFD No. 7

CFD No. 87-1 (Towngate)

CFD No. 87-1 (Towngate) IA1

CFD No. 2014-01 (Maintenance Services)

Other Financial Reports

Popular Annual Financial Reports

Single Audit Reports

Annual Street Reports

Actuarial Valuation – Retiree Healthcare Plan (OPEB)

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program (most recent reports available)

General Child Development Program

Measure A Local Streets and Roads Program

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