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Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez, Mayor

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Mayor Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez

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Mayor's Minute

June 3, 2020

Like most Americans, I was deeply disturbed by the video of George Floyd’s death. The reality of the inequities of our justice system could not have been more clearly displayed. The officer who knelt on Mr. Floyd’s neck now faces a charge of murder, but it took until today for the other officers involved to be charged, even though for nearly 10 minutes they stood by and watched as Mr. Floyd pleaded for his life. 

The fact that the nation held its breath, hoping that charges would be filed in this case is an indication of the systemic racism that continues to plague our society. Criminal charges against someone we all saw kill a man should not be something we have to hope for but something we naturally expect, regardless of the race of killer or victim.

The release of pent-up frustration over both this incident and the systemic racism that allowed it is understandable, and most of the protests we've seen across the nation are a natural and appropriate result. But we must not let the important message of dissent be drowned out by violence against people or property. 

Let’s follow the positive example set by protesters in Moreno Valley with their peaceful marches focused on demanding equal justice under the law for all.  


Como la mayoría de los estadounidenses, el video de la muerte de George Floyd me molestó profundamente. La realidad de las desigualdades de nuestro sistema de justicia no podría haberse mostrado más claramente. El oficial que se arrodilló en el cuello del Sr. Floyd ahora enfrenta un cargo de asesinato, sin embargo, no fue hasta hoy que los otros oficiales involucrados fueron acusados, a pesar de que durante casi 10 minutos se quedaron mirando como el Sr. Floyd suplicaba por su vida.

El hecho de que la nación haya esperado, con la esperanza de que se presenten cargos en este caso es una indicación del racismo sistémico que sigue afectando a nuestra sociedad. Los cargos penales contra alguien que todos vimos matar a un hombre no deberían ser algo que tenemos que esperar con incertidumbre, sino algo que naturalmente esperamos que suceda, independientemente de la raza del asesino o la víctima.

La liberación de la frustración acumulada por este incidente y el racismo sistémico que lo permitió es comprensible, y la mayoría de las protestas que hemos visto en todo el país son un resultado natural y apropiado. Pero no debemos permitir que el importante mensaje de oposición se pierda por la violencia contra las personas o la propiedad.

Sigamos el ejemplo positivo establecido por los manifestantes en Moreno Valley con sus marchas pacíficas centradas en exigir la igualdad de justicia bajo la ley para todos.

En nombre del Concejo Municipal y todos los empleados de la Ciudad, ¡felicidades a la Clase de 2020!


Coronavirus Efforts

As fast as the coronavirus crisis is evolving, I have been heartened to see our community adapting just as quickly.  Our City Council and I, working with what has to be the most talented and dedicated municipal staff, have had to anticipate coronavirus-related challenges and respond just as rapidly.
Here is a summary of actions we’ve taken to help Moreno Valley get through this unprecedented situation:

Meet Mayor Gutierrez

A resident of Moreno Valley for more than 20 years, Mayor Gutierrez serves as the City’s first directly elected Mayor. He began service as a City Council Member in 2013, was appointed Mayor Pro Tem and Mayor, and was elected Mayor of Moreno Valley in 2016. Mayor Gutierrez is proud of the City’s success in bringing more than 14,000 new jobs to our community over the past four years.

Under his leadership, Moreno Valley was ranked the third most fiscally strong City in the nation - a testament to sound financial management practices - and the City’s second library branch opened.

He championed the award-winning Hire MoVal program – an initiative that promotes hiring local Moreno Valley residents while offering economic incentives to businesses through utility rate discounts and business license waivers. The program’s expansion - Hire a Grad - benefits businesses that hire local college and career technical school graduates.

He advocates for Moreno Valley’s Citywide Camera program and cutting edge community policing programs which allow the City to stretch resources while reducing crime and making neighborhoods safer.

Mayor Gutierrez also works diligently to improve community engagement to help ensure that City government effectively represents its residents and businesses. He created the Summer at City Hall program to give local high school students an inside view at how city government works and spearheaded the establishment of the Emerging Leaders Council, a panel of college students between the ages of 18 and 25 who advise Moreno Valley officials on youth issues.

Mayor Gutierrez currently serves on the Parks, Community Services and Trails Committee, the Economic Development Subcommittee and the Finance Subcommittee. As an alternate, he serves on the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG), School Districts/City Joint Task Force; Emerging Leaders Council; Library Commission, and the Public Safety Subcommittee.

In addition to his role as Mayor of this dynamic City, Mayor Gutierrez has spent more than a decade working with children as a special education teacher with the Moreno Valley Unified School District. He also serves on the board for the Renu Hope Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to lifting up working families by providing education and other support services to guide them on their paths to success.

He is a member of the United States Conference of Mayors Latino Alliance Committee along with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Mayor Gutierrez also serves as a local board member for the US Selective Service. Members are nominated by the governor and appointed by the director of the Selective Service System on behalf of the President of the United States. Mayor Gutierrez has been serving in that capacity since 2016.

The first member of his family to go to college, he earned an associate’s degree from Moreno Valley College, a bachelor’s degree from California Baptist University, a master’s degree in Education from American InterContinental University and a doctoral degree in Special Education from Northcentral University.

Mayor Gutierrez is also an alumnus of USC’s Executive Education in Public Policy program and the USC Executive Education Marshall School of Business program in Strategic Analysis in Achieving Competitive Advantage.

The former local business owner is proud to live, work and play right in his hometown. He enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and his two dogs- Kayla and Lassie. 

“I am honored to have been chosen as the first directly-elected Mayor of Moreno Valley, the City where I grew up and the City where I continue to live and work,” said Mayor Gutierrez. “I look forward to bringing more job opportunities and preserving an exceptional quality of life for our community. Together, we are putting Moreno Valley on the map and continuing to make it work for our residents.”

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