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The City of Moreno Valley recognizes the importance of letting citizens have a voice in how things are done. To facilitate citizen communication, there are several Citizen Boards and Commissions that regularly meet to guide policy. These entities are all run by volunteers.

The following is a list of current board/commission vacancies and terms that will be expiring in 2017:


  • Accessibility Appeals Board
    This board conducts hearings on written appeals regarding Title 24 accessibility issues brought by any person aggrieved by enforcement action taken by the Building Division of the Community Development Department of the City of Moreno Valley.
  • Environmental and Historical Preservation Board
    The Environmental and Historical Preservation Board considers matters of environmental concern and matters pertaining to the preservation of the City's heritage and cultures.
  • Oversight Board
    ABx1 26 (the "Dissolution Act") provides for an Oversight Board to be duly constituted to review and approve the activities of the Successor Agency and ensure the former RDA's assets are distributed to the taxing entities. The Oversight Board is composed of seven members representing various taxing entities and is an independent decision-making body with a fiduciary responsibility to holders of enforceable obligations of the former RDA and the taxing entities that remain in the former redevelopment project areas.
  • Recreational Trails Board
    The Recreational Trails Board considers matters pertaining to single-use and multi-use recreational trails, including bicycle, jogging and equestrian trails within or affecting the City.
  • Senior Citizens' Advisory Board
    The Senior Citizens' Advisory Board considers matters pertaining to senior citizens and senior citizens programs, including policies for the Moreno Valley Senior Community Center.


  • Arts Commission
    This Commission will consider all matters pertaining to the planning and support for the arts in the City of Moreno Valley.
  • Library Commission
    This Commission provides input and recommendations for the development, implementation and maintenance of the City's library programs and services. Members are appointed to the Commission by the City Council.
  • Parks and Recreation Commission
    The Parks and Recreation Commission considers matters pertaining to the administration, operation, development, improvement and maintenance of parks, recreation facilities, and parks and recreation programs within the City.
  • Planning Commission
    This Commission considers matters pertaining to development and zoning within the City and has decision making authority pursuant to the Government Code of the State of California. Members are appointed to the Planning Commission by the City Council.
  • Traffic Safety Commission
    The Traffic Safety Commission considers matters of traffic safety within the City, evaluates proposals for traffic control devices and evaluates the need for striping, signing or other measures not of a regulatory nature.
  • Utilities Commission
    The Commission shall have the general power and duty to act in an advisory capacity to the City Council and staff in all matters pertaining to Moreno Valley Utility (MVU), pertaining to other utility services such as water, sewer, gas, and the investor-owned electric utility serving parts of the city.


  • Emerging Leaders Council
    The purpose of an Emerging Leaders Council (ELC) is to identify students with the desire and potential to become community leaders, educate those students in local and regional government policies and activities, and focus their efforts on service in the Moreno Valley community.
Openings Date Posted Date Due Notice of Opening(s)
Emerging Leaders Council
- 2 terms – May 31, 2017: Member
- 2 terms – May 31, 2018: Alternate members
02/13/17 Until filled Notice of Openings
Planning Commission
- Four Members with terms expiring March 31, 2021
- Two Alternate Member with terms expiring April 28, 2017
12/30/16 02/03/17 Notice of Openings
Environmental and Historical Preservation Board
- One Member with a term expiring June 30, 2018
01/09/17 Until filled Notice of Opening
Recreational Trails Board
- 1 term – June 30, 2017

Library Commission
- 2 terms – June 30, 2018
12/20/16 Until filled Notice of Openings
Utilities Commission
- 1 term – June 30, 2019: Business Customer of MVU
11/21/16 Until filled Notice of Opening


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